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The Oracle, a wise mystic being

The Oracle is a character in Aladdin and the King of Thieves. A spirit inside a mysterious staff, she sets Aladdin off on a quest to find his lost father when he asks about whatever happened to him. She is voiced by C.C.H. Pounder


Apparently all-knowing, as she is capable of answering any question, the Oracle is bound by one rule: One question, one answer.

In ther words, every person may ask her a single question and be answered but afterwards the Oracle cannot answer a question to the same person. She refuses to break this rule to Iago, but is more apologetic to Aladdin.

The questions the Oracle answers do not have to be directly at her, as shown when Iago wondered outloud why the King of Thieves had wanted the scepter which houses the Oracles spirit. Since she heard the question, and as it was indirectly about her, the Oracle declared, "Your question is mine to answer!"

Otherwise, one in posession of the Oracle's scepter can summon her and then ask their question directly to her, as shown when Aladdin did so. In this instance, when he asked where his father was, the Oracle told him how to "Follow the trail of the Forty Thieves", but also warned him, "Your father is trapped within their world."

This additional information implies the Oracle can not only answer a question but provide a single additonal piece of information regarding the answere text of your article here!