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Rex Ancient

Rex Ancient (レックス・オーエン Rekkusu Ōen) is Max Taylor's best friend, who also lives in Max's house. He owns Ace the Carnotaurus. He is voiced by Matsuri Mizuguchi in the Japanese version and Sebastian Arcelus in the English dub.


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Character DesignEdit

Rex has pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue, long-sleeved jacket over a white T-shirt with brown pants. He also wears blue sneakers and owns a dinosaur tooth necklace, similar to that of the other members, except his is larger than Zoe's and Max's.


Rex is the quieter one, with a mysterious past that he occasionally thinks about. He was adopted by paleontologist Dr. Owen, Dr. Taylor's friend. He was born in 2127 AD, to Mr. and Mrs. Ancient). He has a crush on Zoe Drake [2]. He has fought with Max on several occasions, much to Zoe's chagrin Write the text of your article here!

Rex was the only child born to Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia. After Rex was born, his parents began to fight with Dr. Z, who made dinosaurs fight for his amusement. Later, Dr. Z teamed up with Seth to get rid of them. When they put their plan into motion, baby Rex was sent to the present, while his parents were sent flying somewhere. He was found in the Smithsonian Museum by a bachelor named Dr. Owen, who adopted him. Since he was a traveling paleontologist, it interfered with taking care of Rex. Thus, he sent him to his close friend, Spike.

Many years later, when he and the D-Team are twelve years old, Max sees a meteor falling from the sky, and wakes up Rex. The next morning, he, Max, and Zoe travel to the forest, where they find three stones with Wind, Lightning and Grass on them. Rex picks up the Wind stone. Then, Max finds two cards: a Triceratops and another odd card. He rubs the Triceratops on his Lightning stone, where it comes to life! At the end of the first series, it is revealed that his real parents are Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia and Rex reunites with them. In the finale, Rex, the Alpha Gang, Seth, Chomp, Ace, Paris and the Ancients return to the year 2126.